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This is a great article! My only nitpick is that you should be pointing people to Bitwarden, not LastPass. (LP has been collapsing under it's own weight for nearly a decade, and BW's free plan has more features than the former's paid plan.)

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My brother said the same thing and suggested 1Password!

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I've heard lots of good things about 1Password, too. When I switched to Bitwarden six(?) years ago, 1Password didn't support Linux and I didn't own a Mac, so I don't personally have any experience with it!

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Jay - on claim #3: You have overlooked MPC wallets like ZenGo. On-chain, but no private key to have lost or stolen. Uses 3D liveness biometrics to ensure simply recovery (your face) but can't get hacked.

More info here: https://zengo.com/forget-not-your-keys-not-your-crypto-private-keys-are-a-vulnerability/



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"In crypto, on the other hand, you can speculate on shitcoins and make bets in DeFi, and that’s about it."

You didn't even tried doing a bit of research, did you?


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Thanks for sharing. Nice to read the other perspective.

I think implied in 'use case' is the word good or bad here, a subjective statement.

Just as shitcoin might be bad for most, but good for the scammer.

But I learned something new here, especially his comment...

A blockchain is not a database. People may say that it is, as an anology to help someone understand it. But there is not a single project that uses a blockchain in the same way you'd use a database: it's vastly too slow and too expensive.

A blockchain is an escrow without a third party. 

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